28 February 2007

Google Maps Live Traffic

Google Maps has now real-time traffic conditions

Offical Blog: Stuck in traffic? http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2007/02/stuck-in-traffic.html

Google Maps Traffic USA Only
Google Maps Live Traffic now provides a new layer for traffic congestion
  • Green Lines equals more than 50 miles per hour
  • Orange equals 25 - 50 miles per hour
  • Red equals to less than 25 miles per hour
  • Grey equals no data available
Google Maps Live Traffic Overlay New York
3am New York (8am London GMT)
Google Maps Live Traffic Overlay New York Rush Hour
8am New York (12pm London GMT)

source: Google Operating System

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Cartographic Representations in Google Maps and Virtual Earth

Cartographic Representations in Google Maps and Virtual Earth

Cartographic Representations in Google Maps

Cartographic Representations
are part of ArcGIS 9.2 that improve the cartographic elements of GIS data, making it aesthetically more pleasing.

However Brain Flood spatialdatalogic.com has been working on some clever techniques to
make this end result available through Google Maps and Virtual Earth

"Topo Map - this is an export of one of the Cartographic Representation tutorials. It's a good example of complex, scale dependent map symbology"

Cartographic Representations in Virtual Earth

This is driven by Amazon Web Services Amazon Simple Storage Service

"Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web."

Combining these services is producing some very powerful applications on which one could dream up a few years ago.

Nice work more please - Mapperz

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27 February 2007

Google Maps Mashups: Not just for coders!

Expanding on
Google Maps Mashups: Not just for coders!

Mike Pegg of Google Maps Mania has done a great job keeping the community updated on new and interesting tools that use the Google Maps APIs. His latest post targets the latest creation tools including:
  • TinyMap: Quick and easy Google Maps
  • Add your own map markers on CommunityWalk: Automatically adds a legend icon, shadowing and IE printing functionality. (Example here)
  • GeoMonkey: Build your own map and explore others.
  • Mapdaze: Google Maps creation tool meant for embedding into blogs.
We are always excited to see developers create tools that make it easy for anyone to effortlessly create their own Google Map. There's no reason why developers should be having all the fun. :)
If you'd like to let us know about your Google Maps app or ask questions about creating one, please head over to the Google Maps API group.

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26 February 2007

Free Subway Maps Across the World

Amadeus Global Travel Distribution is allowing people to view and download subway/underground/tube maps for free.

Free Subway Maps - London

There are many locations across the world to many too list

here are a handful, available in PDF and Word formats
and many, many more.

Source:LifeHacker via Google News


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23 February 2007

Google Maps - Paint

Friday Fun?

A useful tool for fun, messages, or just to escape boredom for five minutes...

Google Maps Paint
image source: http://groups.google.com/group/

Created by Pamela Fox (Google Maps API Team Member)

Instructions on use:

"Click to mark where you want to begin painting, then drag to start
painting. Click color swatch to choose new color.
I put the polygon count at the bottom so you can understand why your
computer starts going slooower and slower.

You'll notice paintbrush acts "stamp-like" in that the slower you
draw, the more spaced out the paint samples are. This seems due to how
often the drag event gets triggered, but I haven't verified that. "

Tip from Mapperz - use the North/South and East/West Control Arrows to Pan the Map to your chosen location

Get Painting Maps!

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Nokia Maps - Smart2Go Goes Testing

Nokia Maps - Smart2Go Goes Testing

Martin Sauter is commencing testing Nokia's Smart2Go Service

Nokia MapLoader Splash Screen

Part 1. Navigation to close-by (100km) destinations. (available now)
Part 2. Nokia maps as a guide for finding a location in a city while walking (coming soon)
Part 3 Route planning and navigation for destinations 500+ kilometers away more demanding than the task in part 1 (coming soon)

"Most features of Nokia maps can be used for free. The most important ones are certainly the free"

In Summary his site runs through

License and Payment Model:

  • Western Europe maps Sat Nav (Routing) for a 30 day period are €10.
  • A three year license is €99.
Getting The Maps:
  • Download over Wifi direct to the Phone
  • Download over the GSM/3G Nework (can be expensive when maps can be 100mb)
  • using a PC with the Nokia MapLoader Software (Mac's not supported yet) - Mapperz Recommend - As this is the fastest way to obtain the digital maps bases
Nokia MapLoader Map Downloader
Selecting the Destination And CaCalculating A Route:

  • using the current GPS location to a known destination
  • address search bug (now fixed)
  • address search takes about 15 seconds
  • routing calculation took about one minute
Running Other Applications While Navigating
  • occasional navigation speech commands and podcast audio were mixed and played over the speaker simultaneously
  • When accepting a call, the mapping application was terminated
  • could still be improved
Available in more detail here

All credit to Martin Sauter for a good round-up of this service.

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21 February 2007

OnOneMap - Adds New Map Layers

One of the Best Customized Google Maps is OnOneMap Property Search

"We have added the ability to view the phone masts in your search area. Simply tick the phone masts tick box in the "Map options""

This is along with Schools, Supermarkets and Sold Property. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with this map, though data retrieval speed is not compromised.

OnOneMap Adds More Mapping Layers
Clicking on the mobile icons reveals the service operator for that mobile phone mast.

This is also available to enquire information about:
  • Properties in the Area for Sale
  • Schools and their success rate (in a percentage)
  • Nearby Supermarkets
All useful for decision making when purchasing a house.

Top Tip: Use the 'Nearby Anything' option - this can help find houses near a London Tube Station, Railway Station or Motorway Junction.

Excellent work OnOneMap and good to see this site evolve successfully.


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Google Maps Mania: UK Roundup Part 7

The 7th UK Roundup from the Excellent Google Maps Mania Blog

Google Maps Mania UK Roundup Part 7

Mapperz can't blog them all, though gets a mention for the 'England Rocks' Map

Mapperz suggests you subscribe to the Google Maps Mania RSS Feed then you won't miss a thing.

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Google Map Public Calendars

Google Maps Public Calendars

Google Maps Public Calendars

A New Feature in Google Calender is to be able to search Public Calenders and Events

"Now you can search the web for events and add them directly to your Google Calendar. Within Google Calendar, type an event search into the search box like "Symphony in San Francisco" and click "Search Public Events". You'll see a list of events that you can easily add to your Google Calendar."

more new features

There is also a Google Calendar API

The Maps for calendar only work when the user has inputted the location of the event.
All Events should have a location, therefore should be mapped.


Though please remember Google Calendar is still Beta.

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20 February 2007

Cartographic Flow Map

Cartographic Flow Map
World Flow Map Layout

"flow maps aim show the movement of objects from one location to another"

UK Interdependence Flow Map Globe

of types of data can be used in these ways
  • Immigration/migration
  • Traded goods
  • Number of air miles

The UK Interdependence Report PDF via neweconomics.org
has used this method

Creators of the Flow Map Standford University

Source Code and Demo

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19 February 2007

Beer Map - Canada

Beer Mapping adds Canada to the List

Beer Map Canada Overview

beermapping.com is a project by someone who likes knowing exactly where he is and how far he needs to go for good beer.

Beer Mapping Project is utilizing Google’s Mapping API

Beer Map Canada
Geocodes through Yahoo’s API*

*Check the Yahoo! Terms and Conditions on this

(ix) use the stand-alone geocoder for any use other than displaying Yahoo! Maps or displaying points on Yahoo! Maps;"

Mainly directed at the USA beer. Though a few other countries like New Zealand

Other Features
Proximity Searches
Feedback - to correct any content
Add a Pub/Brewery

now for the UK which has about 58,000 pubs (well in 2006 it was 58280).
Go Beer Mapping!

travel to beermapping.com

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16 February 2007

Interactive Vancouver City Map

Interactive Vancouver City Map

Vancouver Map Interactive Overview
A very impressive interactive map for the city of Vancouver.
Nice layout and easy to use, user controls
Pan, Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom Bar, Interactive layer controls, and useful Overview Map links with main map and legend when hovering over the sub layer.

Vancouver Map Interactive Layers
Switching layers on add content to the map, from accommodation to transportation (sky train).

Two useful functions:

zoom bar

The Zoom Bar allows for incremental zooming on the area visible on the screen. Users can either slide the zoom slider control to the desired zoom level, click on the + or - buttons on either side of the bar, or they can click on any space on the bar to adjust the zoom level accordingly.

mark tool

The Mark tool can be dragged from the top bar to any space on the map. You can customize the text accompanying the marker by clicking on the text. The symbol of the icon can also be adjusted to your desired size by clicking on the <> buttons near the icon. The map can then be printed with the customization in view. Customized marks will appear on the Menu, but will not be saved a browser window has closed or you have moved to a different map. You can delete the icon by clicking the X in the upper left corner.

More Help

Makes Mapperz want to visit.

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14 February 2007

MultiMap API Updated - Includes UK Geocoding

MultiMap have updated their API (v1.2)
Lots of new features:
New Searching methods:

UK Geocoding
Multimap UK Geocoding Addresses
Source: Multimap

* Basic Example (Multiple Locations)
* Spatial Search Example
* Non-spatial Search (Filtering) Example
* Searching by Travel Distance or Duration (mapperz recommended)Multimap Routing Walking Duration
Source: Multimap
* Pagination
* Tailoring Search Results
* Compound Search Example
* Performing a Search with a Pre-search
* Combining Features of the Multimap API Searching Module (mapperz recommended)
* Basic Example
* Tailoring Route Outputs mapperz recommended
* Combining Features of the Multimap API Routing Module
* Routing - Searching along Route (mapperz recommended)Multimap Searching Along A Route
Source: Multimap
* Local Information Widget


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Live Search for Mobile - Maps and Directions

Live Search for Mobile - Maps and Directions
Microsoft's Answer to Yahoo! Local Go (Gamma), Nokia MapLoader(Smart2Go), Google Maps Mobile

"Microsoft has announced that Live Search is now available as a software client application on Windows Mobile and Java devices. These Live Search applications claim to represent the latest innovation in mobile search from Microsoft, and are aimed at providing customers with fast, easy access to local listings and maps."
World Next GenerationLive Search for Mobile
New features :
  • Category based search (no need to type text into the phone)
  • Map all results
  • Aerial imagery
  • Local traffic status (in selected cities)
  • GPS integration
  • Send locations to a friend

Live Search for Mobile Directions

To find out if your phone will work with this check these links

Download Java applications at http://mobile.search.live.com
Or directly to their mobile phone at http://wls.live.com

Mapperz will do a round up in March after testing all these new mapping applications.

More Info

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13 February 2007

ArcGIS 9.2 Simplify Polygons

ArcGIS 9.2 Simplify Polygons (Generalization)

"Simplifies a polygon by removing small fluctuations or extraneous bends from its boundary while preserving its essential shape."

Simplify Polygon (Data Management) (ArcInfo only)

The process produces two output feature classes, a polygon feature class and a point feature class. The polygon output will stores the simplified polygons. The point output will store points, if any, representing polygons that are collapsed to zero-area.
This point feature class is used to transfer the attributes of the polygon.

Generalize Polygons Original
The process is hidden but the polygon is transfered to a line then the simplification/generalization is applied to a line. The new polygon is the result of the simplified lines rebuilt into polygons with the point used as the attribute container between the process.

Generalizing Polygons ArcGIS 9.2

Generalizing Polygons ArcGIS 9.2 Result
Pre ArcGIS 9.2 Generalizing Polygons
This method was created in ArcGIS 9.x prior to 9.2 using this exact method.
note the Append tool is used. This is because a Geodatabase template (with pre-defined Subtypes) is used. This method deletes all features then add (appends) all new generalised features back in to the correct subtypes. Therefore maintaining database control if topology rules are to be applied.
Tip: Save out Topology rules (.rul) delete all topology as this prevents editing feature classes that have topology. Load topology rules back into the Geodatabase and validate to complete the process.

Web help
Simplifying and smoothing features

Mapperz uses this frequently

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12 February 2007

Yahoo! Go Local 2.0 Gamma

Yahoo! Go Local has a new update from Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo Go Local Search

"Yahoo Go! is the first application optimized for the “small screen” of a mobile phone that truly makes it easy and fun to access the Internet. Everything about the Yahoo! Go interface is designed to be both visually stunning and give you what you want with the fewest clicks possible."

Yahoo Go Directions

Like a car navigation system, Yahoo! Go knows where you are and can help you easily locate what you’re looking for in your area. It gives you instant access to the best local index and detailed listing information available.

N95 - UK Supported Phones for Yahoo! Go

UK users of this service will be pleased to know that it will work in the United Kingdom.

Combined with the Integrated GPS (the Nokia N95 has this built in) you will not be so lost. If you are lost you can use it will tell you are location and get your from your 'lost' location to a desired location (like home).

Installing options
  1. Check your phone is compatible (lots are NOT supported yet)
  2. Either enter your phone number and receive a text to link to the download
  3. Or go directly to http://get.go.yahoo.com on your phone.
Help Guide

Demo Tour

Download in 5 Easy Steps

Source: Yahoo! (UK)


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08 February 2007

Download Nokia Maps Free - smart2go service

update: Nokia have updated their Flash Website - Nokia Maps Here

Download Nokia Maps Free - smart2go service
(just released and in beta)

Nokia MapLoader Splash Screen

smart2go is a freeware for your mobile phone for downloading maps and street plans, and also for saving your favourite spots to then share them with your friends. But that’s not all: Explore the world with our optional, premium-brand travel guides, packed with valuable information and important tips. And our optional navigation upgrade brings you professional navigation with GPS.

Are data costs an issue for you? No problem. MapLoader is a quick, uncomplicated PC solution that allows you to download maps from the Internet and install them onto your mobile end device. Just select the region you want, download the maps, transfer them onto your memory card or mobile device and start exploring the world!

Nokia MapLoader
Is it Free?
Yes, the smart2go software is free. However, don’t forget that your mobile network provider might charge for data transfer. We recommend using a WLAN connection (such as hotspots) or a UMTS flat rate

Pre-install maps before you go.
"Using the MapLoader you can select the regions you require on your PC, download them and then install them on your memory card or mobile phone."

Nokia MapLoader Map Downloader
Mapperz thinks Nokia have a winning set-up here. Combining this service with the Nokia N95 Model (integrated GPS included) is a very good navigational service.
Well done Nokia, even thinking about reducing costs for the consumer, by allowing to download maps directly to their device at no cost.

More info and maps here

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Return Latitude and Longitude Fast - Google Maps

Return Latitude and Longitude Fast with Google Maps

A Query from the Google Map API Group revealed a useful answer...

"How can I find coordinates where my firm is placed ? www.maps.google.com does not show these details! How to check that ?"

Copy and Paste this code into the url once you have found your location


Google Maps Returns Latitude Longitude URL
returns a Longitude and Latitude
Google Maps Returns Latitude Longitude URL

The method is very useful if you need to find these values frequently.

The JavaScript is book markable

In FF Create a new Bookmark
copy this url (can be google.ca google.com etc)


Creating Bookmark Firefox

This will now be in your bookmarks toolbar.

Whenever you require a location coordinates on a google map click the bookmark and a prompt box displays the in latitude and longitude.

A combined effort from Mike, Barry, Esa and blogged by Mapperz

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07 February 2007

Google Earth, More Buildings & More Google Maps

Google Earth, More London 3D buildings

Google Earth London More 3D Buildings

Google Maps in Google Earth
Google Maps in Google Earth London

Google Maps in Google Earth LondonGoogle Maps Rotated in Google Earth London
Rotation of Google Maps in Google Earth

Mapperz Source and more useful information: Google Earth Blog

"this is a handy thing worth keeping in your "My Places" and turning on when you need a map-like perspective, but still in 3D. (Tip: you can adjust the transparency by changing the parameter in the network link from &TRANS=80 to 100 - no transparency, 0 - fully transparent)"

Mapperz agrees very worthy of 'My Places' and that a good tip on transparency.

Google Earth is now available for the Apple Mac using OS X 10.3.9+
more information here

Google Earth Download Page

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06 February 2007

Gpolygon Clock

How useful can a polygon be?

Google Map API Gpolygon Clock

Well this one tells you the time.

Pan the map and the clock changes time to local time

more useful google map examples

Well done ESA
(in Finnish)

more coming soon:
  • daylight-saving time
  • cookies (yum)
  • geocoder and earthtools caches
Source: Google Maps API - Pages

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05 February 2007

England Rocks! Map

Music Venues, Artist Locations, Gig Venues it all Rocks!

Click for the Map

England Rocks Map

Enjoy England

Top Tip - Click the Juke box page to see more Artists.

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04 February 2007

Just Do It - Nike Maps

Just Do It - Nike Maps

Nike have implement Google Maps into the Nike.com Website

Nike Map

Nike Map by Distance
Select your location and then select by distance (to run)

Nike have integrated this into Flash

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02 February 2007

MapQuest Map Gas (Fuel) Prices

Mapped Gas (Fuel) Prices - MapQuest USA

MapQuest Map Gas Prices
FAQ Help
  • How can I add a gas station that is not in the list?
    Click here to Add A Station
  • How can I add an alternative fuel station that is not in the list?
    Click here to Add An Alternative Fuel Station
  • How often are prices updated?
    Gas Prices are updated multiple times a day. Check back often for the most recent prices.
Gas is very cheap in North America!

UK Price
Petrol (Gas) 86.0p ($1.69) per litre
Diesel (Derv) 90.2p ($1.82) per litre

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01 February 2007

Google Mobile Maps on Windows Mobile Devices

Google Maps Mobile LogoWindows Mobile Logo

New! Just launched:
New! Windows Mobile users:
Download the CAB and ActiveSync

Google Maps on your Windows Mobile Device
Contacts integration and GPS functionality make this version of Google Maps, available for Windows Mobile 2003 and higher.

Get GPS-Enabled Google Maps on your Helio Drift
GPS functionality helps you find yourself use the blue dot (your location) on the map.

Google Maps on your Treo
Now you can download Google Maps on your Palm OS 5 device.
Download the PRC, or visit www.google.com/gmm on your mobile web browser.

What's been keeping Google busy?

Ever since the Google Maps Mobile launched, they have been working hard to make it better. Here are a few of the features they have added:
  • Real-time traffic conditions
    See where the congestion is, and estimate delays in over 30 major metropolitan areas.

  • Favorite places and routes
    Save time by keeping a list of residential or business locations, and driving routes.

  • Google Maps in six more countries
    Now you can also use Google Maps in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.

  • Insta-KB-o-meter
    Monitor data consumption in real-time — top right portion of your phone screen while using Google Maps.

  • Enhanced business info
    After selecting a particular business, select the "Details" tab for hours of operation, hotel amenities, and more.

  • BlackBerry support
    Just visit www.google.com/gmm on your BlackBerry's web browser to download the application.
Official Blog

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