14 February 2007

MultiMap API Updated - Includes UK Geocoding

MultiMap have updated their API (v1.2)
Lots of new features:
New Searching methods:

UK Geocoding
Multimap UK Geocoding Addresses
Source: Multimap

* Basic Example (Multiple Locations)
* Spatial Search Example
* Non-spatial Search (Filtering) Example
* Searching by Travel Distance or Duration (mapperz recommended)Multimap Routing Walking Duration
Source: Multimap
* Pagination
* Tailoring Search Results
* Compound Search Example
* Performing a Search with a Pre-search
* Combining Features of the Multimap API Searching Module (mapperz recommended)
* Basic Example
* Tailoring Route Outputs mapperz recommended
* Combining Features of the Multimap API Routing Module
* Routing - Searching along Route (mapperz recommended)Multimap Searching Along A Route
Source: Multimap
* Local Information Widget


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