28 October 2010

Bing Maps The Route Savvy App

Bing Maps The Route Savvy App

Whether you are going five or fifty places, the Route Planner app is a useful, unique map app that will get you from point A to Z in the shortest amount of time possible.Route Savvy App  Bing Maps

Find Shortest Routes or quickest routes with traffic and managing geocoding from Excel data.

How it Works

Route Savvy App Geocode - Bing Maps

The first step is to add destinations on the map. “RouteSavvy” makes it easy to quickly add a few or 100 destinations – you can click locations on the map, enter addresses manually on the left-rail, or upload an Excel file with addresses on each row. For demonstration purposes, I’ve shown eight points below. Each time you add a destination, the map auto-zooms and centres so you can see all the destinations at once.

Route Savvy App Import Excel - Bing Maps

"General users likely have between three and ten destinations when they plan trips that could benefit from route optimization. The value of this tool for business use is amplified when businesses may have 25 or more destinations to reach in a day. Other servicesonly allow up to 25 waypointsconsidering the Bing app can handle up to 100, we feel that we’ll be a strong choice for businesses who need great route optimization for lots of destinations. Realtor's who have multiple showings in a day, any business that does deliveries, shuttle services, technicians, and florists – just a few examples - will find this to be a great tool to make their lives easier with the “RouteSavvy” app."

View the new Map App: OnTerra’s “RouteSavvy” Route Optimizer

Source(cross posted): Bing Maps Watch

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26 October 2010

Evolution: European OpenStreetMap

Evolution: European OpenStreetMap

Evolution of European OpenStreetMap coverage from skobblertutorials on Vimeo.

Hence why Mapquest(Open) and Bing Maps (OSM App) are becoming more mainstream

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22 October 2010

Take a Walk - Clover Campaign

Take a Walk - Clover Campaign

With over 25,000 walking routes throughout the UK. Short to long walks are available ranging from 0.1 to 30 miles.

Take A Walk Clover Maps
After entering your rough walk preferred location and the distance you are wanting to walk.
Some preset maps are also available.

Take A Walk Clover Maps
You chosen route is overlaid on a Google map and mileage markers are represented.
Routes can be printed or emailed/tweeted for later use or sharing.

Clover is behind the campaign with the routes provided by http://www.mapmywalk.com/

Find a Route with Clover

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18 October 2010

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 Public Alpha

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 Public Alpha

Major changes in the interface for editing Open Street Map online.

"You know it. You love it. It's the editor on the main OSM web site. It's Potlatch and it's had some serious renovations. It's so new that now it has a new name, "Potlatch 2". But before Potlatch 2 can go live on the OpenStreetMap web site, it has to be put through it's paces. After more than a year of development, Potlatch 2 is a complete re-write of Potlatch. It has new features too numerous to mention, but for the most important feature; it is an editor for OpenStreetMap. So let's test it. "

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 Public Alpha
Editing is made easier with the legend based editor. Now based in Flash [Potlatch 2 is written in ActionScript 3 using the Flex framework] and more stable than its predecessor.
Backgrounds are easier to control (OS Streeview OpenData shown above)

Open Street Map Potlatch 2 POI
Point of Interest editing (Image source: OSM Wiki)

Try it you might like it.
If you want to test this new editor that is now in public alpha you can at

Hopefully this will be implemented in the Open Street Map main site soon.

Techies might be interested to know that this can deployed on your own website.

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13 October 2010


Travellerspoint.com helps you plot future and past trips on a map. Control trip colours, curves, transport modes.

"The goal of Travellerspoint is to create an international meeting point for travellers worldwide, whether they are planning their travels, currently travelling or have returned from their travels and want to stay in touch with (or find) those travel friends they met while travelling in the past."

TravellersPoint.com Map


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07 October 2010

Google Latitude Goes Desktop

Google Latitude Goes Desktop
Google have launched Latitude with a desktop iGoogle gadget to help you stay in touch with friends and family that may not have a smartphone. Google learned that a desktop experience is important to you even if you’re already using Latitude on your phone. Today, you can now visit a dedicated site that makes it easier than ever to use Latitude when you’re already on your computer. From the Friends tab, you can:
  • See where your friends are on Google Maps
  • Add friends and accept sharing requests
  • Control your privacy settings

Google Latitude Goes Desktop

Do more with Latitude
You’ll also now find Latitude and Latitude apps together in one place. After browsing your friends list, go to the History or Apps tabs to turn on optional Latitude apps such as:
Google Latitude Apps (must be signed into Google)

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