19 September 2006

Carbon Footprint Map - Air Travel

See how much CO2 your flying puts in the air

Carbon Footprint Map Air Travel

"By calculating the distance between your origin and destination city, based on their latitude and longitude. This is a standard trigonometric calculation. If you wish to calculate the effect of stopovers, simply enter the legs of the flight as separate trips.

Next you are categorised by flight as a short, medium, or long-haul trips. Because planes burn more fuel at takeoff and landing than at cruising altitude, short-haul trips are less fuel-efficient per mile flown.

For each of the three types of trips, a different carbon index that indicates the amount of fuel burned, on average, per mile of the journey. By multiplying this index by the distance of your trip, it is calculated how much fuel was burned per passenger for that particular flight."

18 September 2006

Photo GPS

Always know when and where your pictures were taken with the Sony GPS-CS1. Now you can keep track of your digital photos with satellite precision.
Sony GPS
"Keep track of your photo locations and dates easily with satellite precision. The GPS-CS1 calculates and records position data. When used with the supplied GPS Image Tracker software, the GPS-CS1 allows you to match the time and location data in the device with your photos. And by using the Picture Motion Browser software, supplied with certain Sony cameras*, your photos will be shown on an online map, giving you a whole new way to organize, manage and enjoy your pictures"

Simple operation
No need for complex set-up or connection. Turn on the GPS unit and check its positioning status, match the data and enjoy the new photographic enjoyment.

Handy,Compact and lightweight, weighing only 55g (not including batteries).
Store data up to one month
Holds approximately 360 hours (31MB) of data, equivalent to one month of tracking recorded at 15 second intervals. Number of log entries may differ depending on satellite coverage and signal strength.
Low power consumption
Efficient design allows up to 10 hours of use with alkaline batteries, or 14 hours with Ni-MH batteries.
Records location every 15 seconds
The GPS Unit records a location log every 15 seconds. When a photo is taken between two log points, the supplied GPS Image Tracker software estimates the locations by extrapolating from logs recorded before and after (before or later) photos are taken. the software creates an estimated location between the two recorded locations. Also If the user takes a photo when there is no satellite signal available, such as when going underground or indoors, the software makes its estimation in the same way. based on the two nearest location logs.

Supplied Accessories
GPS Unit
USB cable
CD-ROM (GPS Image Tracker)
Cleaning Cartridge

Easy GeoRSS Maps

GeoRSS Feeds now easy to use and display on a Google Map.

Easy GeoRSS Map

Example here was
'Try it' bar
http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/forecastrss?p=UKXX1899&u=f +Go
(you may need to zoom out)
Refresh if live traffic or weather data.

Suggest multiple GeoRSS inputs for comparing results
and set an overview or less zoomed in map after clicking go.

More info

UK Emissions Map - Greenspace

Emissions Map UK
Map shows UK Emissions on a Google Map

Emission Sources:
  • Energy Production: SNAP 01 (Combustion in Energy Production and Transformation)
  • Domestic Combustion: SNAP 02 (Combustion in Commercial, Institutional, Residential and Agriculture)
  • Industry Combustion: SNAP 03 (Combustion in Industry)
  • Industry Process: SNAP 04 (Production Processes)
  • Offshore: SNAP 05 (Extraction and Distribution of Fossil Fuels)
  • Solvents: SNAP 06 (Solvent Use)
  • Road Transport: SNAP 07 (Road Transport)
  • Other Transport: SNAP 08 (Other Transport and Mobile machinery)
  • Waste: SNAP 09 (Waste Treatment and Disposal)
  • Agriculture: SNAP 10 (Agriculture, Forestry and Landuse Change)
  • Nature: SNAP 11 (Nature)
  • All: Sum of all the above grids including point sources
More info

15 September 2006

WMS layers in Google Earth (Beta 4)

What is WMS?

"Web Map Service (WMS) produces maps of spatially referenced data dynamically from geographic information"

WMS Layer World Population in Google Earth

WMS in Google Earth showing World Population (data source:FGDC)

How to add WMS Layer in Google Earth (Beta 4 Build 4.0.2080 only)

Add > Image Overlay>Refresh>WMS Parameters
Google Earth will check services are available (some will fail)
check the layer of interest and 'Add layers'
Wait - after stop any zooming or panning or scrolling.
waiting (a loading/progress would be useful here)

WMS images will load (be patient on slow internet connections)

When panning-zooming-scrolling after it is loaded, a transparent reload icon will appear indicating a new request to the WMS Server.

Source and help Ogle Earth

update: Google Earth Beta 4 has had a few bugs fixed
now on build 4.0.2091 (PC) & 4.0.2093 (Mac) s

minor fixes:
- Joystick/flight controller now has a disable option and is off by default
- Problem with Mac time animation is now fixed
- A few Mac Japanese translations restored
- Linux version now updated
- Faster network performance for non-US users
source: gearth

Windows version is now 4.0.2091, Mac version is now 4.0.2093

14 September 2006

Temporal Mapping in Google Earth (Beta 4)

One of the New Features in Google Earth (Beta 4 Build 4.0.2080) -clicking update inside Google Earth does not update to this version.

The temporal aspect of data and time is now represented in a easy way to understand.

Whale Shark Migration November 2005
August 2005

Whale Shark Migration August 2005
November 2005

The image represent Whale Shark migration between August and November (2005)
The kml file is available from google services

Other updates include:

A new interface for viewing time-stamped/time-range image overlays
Improved printing option for turn-by-turn driving directions with satellite imagery
New KML folders options with radio button style placemarks (under my places)
Support for Web Mapping Service(WMS) image/data overlays (now in free version too)
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system grid overlay

13 September 2006

Archaeology Google Map with Yahoo Integration

A nice clean integration of Google Maps API and Yahoo API

Windows explorer navigation on the left interacting with the map on the right.
Use the extra icons to refine search (uses yahoo geocoder).

"When you click Find, it grabs the L/L (Long/Lat) from Yahoo geocoder and then centers the map, and loads all of my records within the bounds of the new view - so it's actually by design that a lot of markers are loaded. I'm using it as a 'search by area' function. I might try to add a small circular polyline around the L/L point that Yahoo gives me so that people know where it is - like Multimap."

Credit to SteveW

12 September 2006

Digitizing in Windows Live Local

Microsoft have done some Major Updates to Windows Live Local

Digitizing in Windows Live Local
Digitizing in Windows Live Local

Digitizing is now a reality and your can re-edit Points, Lines and Polygons

"Draw on your maps. In the last release of Live Local we introduced the Collection feature, allowing you to draw a series of pushpins on the map, save them, and easily share them with others via a simple perma-link. With this release, we've extended Collections with the ability to add lines and closed shapes to your map. Along with the familiar pushpin tool on the Scratchpad, you'll now find a bunch of drawing tools like this:"
Digitizing Tools

Go Digitize

Source: Virtual Earth Blog

A Developers Update

Live Trains Times Map for the UK

A very helpful and useful visual guide to trains and their location.

Choose your Location or Destination and see the trains arrive (on time?)



Simliar to the Dublin Live Trains Map +(zoom in)

via Programmable Web

Useful if can use this service on a Mobile Device.

11 September 2006

UK Tourist Information Maps

A nice clean interactive map for tourists visiting the UK.
London Tourist Information Map
Drill-down to the area you are visiting.
London has lots of places of interests and is up-to-date.

More information is available by clicking on the relevant legend icon or on the map.

08 September 2006

Spot the Difference - Google Maps

Google have updated satellite images and some enhancements on the map tiles for the UK (and possibly other Areas.)

Better resolution and true colour in places.

Thanks to Mike Williams you can put google map additions side by side and cross-reference them.
Try the TeleAtlas vs NavTeq some interesting differences....
and now more updates across the world

an update by CCA

07 September 2006

GeoChat 2 - GIS and Instant Messaging Meet

ArcGIS and Instant Messaging (Version 2)

The ESRI Prototype Lab is proud to announce the second release of Geochat. Geochat can be downloaded from here on ESRI's ArcScripts website. This release of Geochat is compatiable with ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 and 9.2UC.
What's new with GeoChat 2 for users?
1) New user interface (see screenshots),
2) Office-sttle alerts when new geochat messages arrive,
3) Support for adding/removing/grouping jabber users,

What's new in GeoChat 2 for developers?
1) Full source code is included,
2) Object model diagram provided for core chat assembly (ESRI.ArcGIS.Chat.dll),
3) Migrated to .NET 2.0,
4) Includes sample executeable called "ChatSample",
5) Added new message type called "CustomMessage". This allows developer to send any .NET serializable object.

via mrrichie

06 September 2006

UK Geocoder for Google Maps

UK Addresses Geocoding site

Find me '10 Downing Street, London, UK'

map.centerAndZoom(new GPoint(-0.1275, 51.5032), 4);

Find Me 'London, UK'
map.centerAndZoom(new GPoint(-0.1271, 51.5063), 4);

Geocoding Addresses

Good Work 'emad'

other services
GeoUrl Mashup | Google Maps Route Planner | Reverse Address and Stats Finder | Free Geocoder

Dusk till Dawn World Map

A World Map that show Day-time and Dusk-time and Night-time.

For Local Times use Earthtools

For Realtime World Time Zones use Qlock

05 September 2006

Catch the Pigeon (with Pollution Mapping)

+ 'click' Map
Homing pigeons with GPS enabled electronic air pollution sensing devices capable of sending real-time location based air pollution.

Via Google Maps Mania

Clever Sony Sat Nav GPS

Position Plus covers for short losses of satellite reception, such as when travelling through an underpass or between tall buildings, by using acceleration and direction sensors to keep track.
Via Stuff

04 September 2006

British Airways and Google Earth

British Airways shows all its Destinations and Prices via Google Earth
British Airways and Google_Earth
"British Airways has added a "layer" to Google Earth that lets you fly straight to 111 World Offer destinations from the comfort of your own home. Research your holiday or business trip with high-resolution satellite images, learning information from how far your hotel is from the beach and restaurants, to how much your British Airways flight will cost."

01 September 2006

New Shiny MapVu

Maps International have updated the bespoke MapVu Range.
Enhancements are:

  • Higher Resolution (254dpi tiles was 164dpi)
  • Increased Colours (256 colours was 64 colours)
  • Improved Specification (Warmer Colours, No White background)
  • LWZ Compressed Tiffs equals faster display (was Png)
  • London is Enhanced (Major landmarks, major bulidings, bridge names and parks added)

MapVu 10k London_Enhanced

What makes this different to any other Mapping Product.

MapVu Specification does not change through the scales. Map scales are 1:10,000, 1:40,000, 1:100,000, 1:200,000, 1:625,000 and 1:1,000,000

New MapVu Data on the Website is currently being updated.