19 September 2006

Carbon Footprint Map - Air Travel

See how much CO2 your flying puts in the air

Carbon Footprint Map Air Travel

"By calculating the distance between your origin and destination city, based on their latitude and longitude. This is a standard trigonometric calculation. If you wish to calculate the effect of stopovers, simply enter the legs of the flight as separate trips.

Next you are categorised by flight as a short, medium, or long-haul trips. Because planes burn more fuel at takeoff and landing than at cruising altitude, short-haul trips are less fuel-efficient per mile flown.

For each of the three types of trips, a different carbon index that indicates the amount of fuel burned, on average, per mile of the journey. By multiplying this index by the distance of your trip, it is calculated how much fuel was burned per passenger for that particular flight."


At Friday, November 03, 2006 9:45:00 am, Blogger EuropeanTop said...

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I’ve just posted an article related to travel tips for seniors on my blog and I thought maybe you’d be interested in reading it. Here is short preview of some of the areas I covered:

- Prefer a backpack on wheels instead of a suitcase, you could pull it behind you when your back hurts or you are exhausted.
- Consider checking your bag in with the airlines, because it would become an unnecessary burden to be dragged all over the airport or the city if you are going to have a short visit.
- You could stay outside the city, in a hostel maybe, because it is cheaper, less crowded and the air is much fresher, but you have to walk or use the transport more, to get in the city or to the station.
- Most museums, some concert halls, railways, airlines, bus lines, ferry and shipping lines have a discount policy for seniors.
- Electronic devices are useful but sometimes they can give you a lot of headaches. You could help yourself with a micro-tape recorder to record your notes. It would be easier than to write and you would put them down on paper later, to share your notes with your family.
- If you bring a camera with you to keep the beautiful images alive along the time then make sure you know how to handle it or you might fail to record them not only on that camera but also in your eyes.

For more resources on travelling to Europe you are welcome to visit my blog, where you can also get acces to some excellent maps of Rome and maps of Berlin, together with information on hotels and restaurants.

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