26 May 2015

Noise Map (High Speed 2 Rail Impact)

Noise Map (High Speed 2 Rail Impact)


A nice visualization of the impact of potential Noise traveling around the new High Speed Link (known as HS2)

The project to create a faster link from London to Birmingham by rail then expanding to the north of England and to Scotland at later dates.

Noise contours — The contours are based on computer modelling of the equivalent continuous sound level (LpAeq,T) from HS2 during the daytime. They are assessed in 5dB steps down to 40dB. Peak noise levels would be higher, at up to 95dB at 25m from the centre of the tracks. Concerns have been expressed that this means a slightly wider area than shown would perceive noise from HS2 than indicated by these contours.
These contours do not take into account other noise, such as noise from adjacent roads. While that means overall noise levels would be higher where there are other noise sources, noise from HS2 would be less conspicuous compared to places where background noise levels are low. These contours assume trains passing at 360km/h where the design speed allows this, although normally they will operate at 330km/h unless catching up time when running late. Although the contours are shown only for phase 1, they assume the full phase 2 pattern of services of up to 18 trains per hour.

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