24 March 2015

New Ordnance Survey OpenMap (Open Data) Released

New Ordnance Survey OpenMap (Open Data) Released


"OS Open Roads is a connected road network for Great Britain. It contains all classified roads (such as motorways and A & B roads) as well as officially named unclassified roads"

Scale 1:15 000 to 1:30 000

OS Open Rivers is a generalised open water network showing the flow and the locations of rivers, streams, lakes and canals across the whole of Great Britain.

Open Map Local (Beta)
This is probably the best full dataset you can get without cost in Great Britain!

This is probably the best full dataset you can get without cost in Great Britain!

"The most detailed street-level open data vector mapping product available, OS Open Map – Local is a great backdrop over which to display and analyse your data."

Thematic layers, including buildings, roads, sites, railways, hydrology, coastline, woodland and cartographic text.


1:3,000 to 1:20,000

All data is available to download from

All images from Ordnance Survey 


Many many thank you's to  Ordnance Survey for open this data up for all users a very good move for Opendata in Great Britain.

10 March 2015

QGIS on Raspberry Pi 2

QGIS on Raspberry Pi 2

Asking what is a raspberry pi? then go to 

(This is work in progress)

Current QGIS 2.2 but working on updating to  QGIS 2.8.1
Call this testing...

Raspberry Pi
MicroSD Class 10 (16GB)

Operating System
raspuntu arm7 compiled
from [direct link] http://lucario.info/archive/raspuntu-tjc-2015-02-16.zip

This was based on this install guide (for windows with access to sd card writer)


note QGIS is much faster on raspberry pi 2

Why is this so important?
This can be a very cheap way to get GIS into schools across the world.

Cost $35 raspberry pi
with keyboard,mouse
cables HDMI, Cat5 Ethernet and SD card. 

**Tested headless (no mouse or keyboard after install) using normal remote desktop on a laptop running windows 8.1 on a local network (gigabyte LAN)- remote desktop works fine with wifi (g/n)

Working on speeding up processing, load time...etc.