26 August 2013

Nokia's map data reveals flow of highway life

Nokia's map data reveals flow of highway life

"Nokia's HERE business is casting bright light on Nokia as a company making use of technologies capable of what it calls "mapping for life," enabling better safety for drivers and better use of information for highway planners. Mapping that is most useful for urban planning takes more than capturing an index of streets and buildings."

"We [Nokia] process billions of GPS probe points per month for our traffic services."

Nokia points out that the data is collected anonymously, using the wisdom of the crowd for enabling real-time updates.
More information:
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12 August 2013

MapBox http://geojson.io/

MapBox http://geojson.io/ 

A very nice map where you can overlay your own  GeoJSON, TopoJSON, KML, CSV, or GPX files by simply dragging and dropping into the drop zone

Very clean and straight forward map interface.

Also available is a simple editor for creating your own graphical shapes. 

Give it a try:


02 August 2013

Foursquare direct OpenStreetMap editing

A little over a year ago, we joined the OpenStreetMap movement, switching our maps over to those powered by OpenStreetMap data and Mapbox Streets. Today, we’re expanding upon that by encouraging our community to directly edit map data.

Now, Foursquare users will see an “edit map” link when editing places on Foursquare.com, which leads directly to OpenStreetMap’s web editor at the right location, where they can join OSM and make updates. Today, it’s rolling out to Foursquare Superusers in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Brazil. We’ll be expanding in the future to other places where location data can be improved.