22 April 2013

GIS Stack Exchange Election has started 22nd April 2013.

GIS Stack Exchange Election has started 22nd April 2013.

2 Moderator positions available 7 worthy candidates in the running

(Good luck to all and please vote.)

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Update: Winners are Matt Wilkie (Yukon, Canada) and Ian Turton (UK)

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05 April 2013

Ordnance Survey Terrain 50 - OpenData

OS Terrain 50 - OpenData

OS Terrain 50. A new product, which has a similar resolution to Land-Form PANORAMA, will enable users to access an advanced product with consistently maintained height content for the whole of Great Britain.

Land-Form PANORAMA was an unmaintained product and was last updated in the 1990s. The new product will give users more confidence in the currency of the data and will be supplied in additional formats, making it far more accessible.


OS Terrain 50 TM is a height product for Great Britain which enables you to add the third dimension to your regional scale applications. It is maintained alongside our other products to maximise interoperability between our data products. It benefits from comparatively lower data volumes for ease of use and data storage whilst enabling a realistic view of the landscape for risk assessment, development and environmental analysis.

OS Terrain 50 is shown overlaid by 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster.

Download https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/opendatadownload/products.html


03 April 2013

AutoCAD 2014 and Bing Maps

AutoCAD 2014 now has a built-in Geolocation feature and allows users to create and enhance their designs with Bing Maps geocoding and map data. Bing Maps inside AutoCAD 2014 brings in location context and results in more accurate and richer designs. The key geolocation workflows in AutoCAD 2014 supported with Bing Maps include:
  • Locate your AutoCAD design in the real-world using Bing Maps geocoding service
  • View your AutoCAD design in the real-world high resolution aerial and satellite imagery
  • Aggregate and overlay 2D and 3D geolocated data with your AutoCAD designs
  • Locate yourself on your AutoCAD design in the field using GPS and Bing Maps

Overlaying your own data over Bing imagery