19 November 2012

Firefox OS and Nokia Offline Maps

Firefox OS and Nokia Offline Maps
A nice discovery when using the the pre-release of Firefox OS.


Users can download Maps from Nokia using FireFox OS.

Installing FireFox simulator 0.7 (http://onsoftware.en.softonic.com/hands-on-withmozillas-firefox-os)

Then using Firefox install from local file.

Go the Simulator of FireFOX OS.


Nokia Powered Maps then give you the option to download areas.
Save the Maps (between 4 & 18mb in testing)

Disconnect - Firefox  'work offline'


View the maps in Offline Mode

Note: This is still alpha - there will be bugs...

Please Report Bugs. https://github.com/mozilla/r2d2b2g/issues

08 November 2012

Mapumental Interactive Travel Time Maps

Mapumental Interactive Travel Time Maps

If you’ve been following mySociety for a while, you’ll know that we have been interested in making maps that show commuting times for several years.
However, we’ve never made public a simple, free, useful version of our slidy-swooshy Mapumental journey times technology"

Propertied for Rent/Purchase are also available to be added to the map if the user wishes to do so.

Using the slider you can adjust interactively your commuting time which updates the time-travel-polygon mask on the map.

This example available - http://property.mapumental.com/map/KT12SE-a-0900/a9bc8122#t28

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