30 April 2012

Google Map Cube Game

Google Map Cube Game

Very Interactive Map on a Cube.

 8 Levels to complete

Manhattan, San Francisco, Paris, London, Tokyo, Las Vegas, the Mall of America, then a random map with various parts of all of the cities combined

20 April 2012

London Marathon Map 2012

London Marathon Map 2012

Racing starts 9.00am BST on Sunday 22nd April 2012

9am Elite Women's Race Starts
9.25am Wheelchairs Race Starts
9.45am Elite Men's Race Starts
9.45am Mass Race Starts

London Marathon Map 2012 - (includes StreetView)

Runners and Spectators can use the map to find locations around the course.
Use the interactive Timeline Bar to find out when lead runners go past.

No real new changes from last years 2011 map apart from the separate page 'Track Runner Live' page (link below).

Track Runners Live (from 9am BST 22nd April 2012)

19 April 2012

Map Calculator - Save the Rain

Map Calculator - Save the Rain

(A Google Maps API/ESRI JavaScript API/MapBox/HTML5 Map Mashup)

A very good Map Mashup that calculates the potential yearly yield in corn, soya beans, rice and wheat.

Quick Guide:
Search a location:
Zoom and/or Pan to a clear roof top.
Digitise/Draw the outline of the roof.
Click Finished
The Map calculates the sun/mean rainfall of the location and produces a bar of produce that can grown with the rainfall footprint of the roof.

A Built in Video Tutorial (below) shows how the tool works.

17 April 2012

2.5D buildings & labelled commercial buildings Bing Maps

2.5D buildings & labelled commercial buildings Bing Maps

Shops view in London - All commercial buildings labelled and linked to websites


2.5D Buildings for Bing Maps have finally arrived in Bing Maps for most Major US cities. Also includes selected large cities in the United Kingdom, Canada and France.

Other updates are faster searching for businesses and the buddings visualisation

"Today we’re excited to announce the release of a handful of updates to maps to help users navigate faster and find business, building and venue information to help you go from doing to done more quickly. Some of these features will also be available in select initial international markets. Let’s take a closer look."

US centric but you can find venues with interior maps:
"Did you know Bing Maps has nearly 900 venue maps including interiors maps of malls, airports, casinos and shopping districts? Well you will now because with this update, we’re making venue maps much easier to find and use. When using Bing Maps, now you can simply zoom-in into your favourite shopping mall or airport and click on its footprint to immerse yourself into it." 


05 April 2012

Weather now available in Google Maps API (v3)

Weather now available in Google Maps API (v3)

Add the weather layer easily via  Google Map API.

The concepts within this section refer to features only available within the google.maps.weather library. This library is not loaded by default when you load the Maps Javascript API but must be explicitly specified through use of a libraries bootstrap parameter.
See the Libraries Overview for more information.
You can enable the display of weather data or cloud imagery on your map via the WeatherLayer and CloudLayer classes of the google.maps.weather library. Enabling the cloud layer will add cloud coverage imagery to your map, visible at zoom levels 0 through 6. Enabling the weather layer will show current weather conditions from weather.com on your map, including icons that denote sun, clouds, rain and so on. Clicking on the weather icon for a particular area will open an info window with detailed data such as current humidity and wind conditions, as well as a four-day forecast. You can access this detailed data through the featureDetails property of the WeatherMouseEvent object. The below example detects when you click on an icon, and displays the current temperature at that location.

Weather Layer information

Weather Layer Options (Wind Speed, mph,kph etc)