25 January 2012

switch2osm Make the switch to OpenStreetMap

A nice clean website promoting Open Street Map.

"switch2osm Make the switch to OpenStreetMap"




OpenStreetMap won’t charge you

OpenStreetMap is open data. We won’t charge for it – ever. Our licence says that you can always copy our data for free.
This data is made into the “map tiles” that you show on your site. You can do this yourself. Or you can find a specialist to do it: some will charge for this, some won’t. But OpenStreetMap itself will never charge you for the data.

Make the maps suit you

With other map providers, the map looks how the provider wants it to look. You might be able to do a bit of rudimentary recolouring. But it’s still their style of map, not yours.
With OpenStreetMap, you’re in control. Turning the data into tiles can be done any way you like. Want to emphasise cycle routes and play down motorways? No problem. (Most other maps don’t even have cycle routes.) Want to label subway stops but ignore bus stops? Easy.

It’s easier than you think

There’s no limit to what you can do with OpenStreetMap. Yet it needn’t take long to get started. You can switch to OSM in under an hour using tools like the easy Leaflet API and MapQuest Open’s free tiles. Read the rest of this site to get started with the possibilities.

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19 January 2012

Google Maps (UK) Finally Gets National Rail Info

Google Maps (UK) Finally Gets National Rail Info for public transport directions

Google Maps users in the United Kingdom can now finally get from one place to another with public transport including rail times (national rail data)

Example (as above):

note the at the bottom of the directions is a list of companies running the trains

Local agency information:
Contains more information on fares, schedules and service advisories
(now if only people could afford to travel by train....) 


17 January 2012

North Yorkshire County Council Maps

North Yorkshire County Council Maps

One of the best UK County Council Maps sites that gives you all the information you are looking for on one page linking childcare to "out and about" - even weddings.

Access maps for road network information, including winter gritting route details.



Historical (with old maps)

Mapping Portal Index to all the maps:

04 January 2012

Low Emission Zone Map - London, UK

Low Emission Zone Map - London, UK

On 3rd January 2012 new legislation came into affect:

" from 3 January 2012 it will also affect the owners of larger vans, campers and minibuses first registered before January 2002. Larger motorhomes, first registered before 2006, will also have to comply. The rules affect diesel, not petrol engines.
If you've got such a vehicle, you will need to have an expensive particulate filter added to the exhaust system – or pay a £100 or £200 charge for every day you drive in the capital. If you don't, you'll incur a £500 fine."

Transport for London have a Google Based Map with Low Emission Zones included.

Tfl including Low Emission Zone Map
More info:

Official Guidelines

More micro-blog posts on twitter by @mapperz

03 January 2012

OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits 2011

OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits 2011

Open Street Map also had a target of $15,000 for a new server, this target was completed on 24th December 2011 and some. Thanks to all the donators.
Keep on editing and improve that map data.