12 August 2010

Sports Tracker 3.5 Released

Sports Tracker 3.5 Released

Sports Tracker
The Award winning FREE Sports Tracker Application gets an update along with revamped web service for viewing and sharing your routes.

"The newly launched online service allows users to store, visualize and analyze their workouts with enhanced tools, as well as share their media enhanced workout experiences with other Sports Tracker users - and the whole world. The online service also allows existing Nokia Sports Tracker Beta users to import their workout history to the new service.

The Sports Tracker mobile application has also been updated to support uploading of tracked data to the new service and direct sharing to Facebook. The update also extends the list of compatible devices to cover more than 50 device models."

Testing the New Sports Tracker:
Sports Tracker 3.50 Mapping GPS Routes
Mapperz has tested this and the services along with the phone application works seamlessly together.

With the FREE Sports Tracker application mobile phone becomes a full-featured GPS sports computer, keeping track of everything from calories burned while running to your average cycling speed over altitude. You get maps, time and distance calculators, step count, and even heart rate when you use a compatible Polar HR belt. You can chart your progress, find your strengths and weaknesses, and share with others.

The new mobile application allows users to:
  • Record activities with all the data needed to analyze the performance, including distance, speed, duration, route, step count and more.
  • Check their location on the map while running, cycling, walking or with any other outdoor activity, using Open Street Map as a map based (can be cached for offline use)
  • Upload their activity data from their phone to the Sports Tracker service
  • Share their activities and automatically geo-tagged photos with other users and friends on Facebook, directly from their phone
  • Optional with Heart Monitor - Record heart rate data by connecting the Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® heart rate belt by Polar (€70 or $90USD)
  • Automatically compare speed, distance and duration of recorded activities

Get it here:

With this Launch Ovi (Nokia) are having a competition:

GPS Trace from Skating
Create your own shape and enter for a prize. Image: Ovi Blog

"What we’re asking you to do is simply this: make a funny or interesting shape with your Sports Tracker workout, share it publicly in the service and send a link of the shared workout to us."
For more information on this competition and what can be won go here:

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At Tuesday, August 17, 2010 8:30:00 am, Anonymous Bosti said...

More powerful app for Android and windows devices:

and community server:

custom maps, guidance, HR,...


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