18 July 2010

BBC Travel Maps & Journey Planners

BBC Travel Maps & Journey Planners
*powered by Transport Direct

BBC has integrated the Transport Direct website into it's own BBC Travel (News) PortalBBC Travel Bike Cycling Routes Directions Transport Direct Map
  • Door-to-door journey planner
  • Find a train
  • Find a flight
  • Find a car route
  • Find a Coach or Bus
  • Compare city-to-city journey
  • Day trip planner
  • Plan to a car park or park and ride
  • Find a cycle route (New) *Limited Coverage
Cycle routes are now included - though limited to 50km in directions/route and is limited to cities around the UK.

BBC Travel Flight Finder Transport Direct Map

Find Flights from UK Cities with the best fares.

Journey Planning highlights congested areas
BBC Travel Car Directions Transport Direct Map
The routes are displayed on Ordnance Survey raster tiles with data supplied by transport direct.
Additional interactive point of interest (parking, bus stations etc) are also applied to the map.

Useful links:

Main Portal

Live Travel News

Find a Train

Find a Flight

Find a Car Route

Find a Coach
or Bus

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