02 July 2010

Tour de France 2010 Maps

Tour de France 2010 Maps

"A collection of Tour de France Maps for 2010"

The Cycling event starts on 3rd July 2010 and you view some impressive mapping applications. Some will be 'live' during the event.

The 97th annual Tour de France begins on July 3rd in Rotterdam (Prologue Stage), Netherlands and will span 23 riding days en route to the finish on July 25th in Paris, France. Along the 20 Stages coveraging 3,642 km route in totalOfficial Maps The Tour France 2010
Official Tour de France 2010 Maps - surprisingly static but clear and concise
http://www.letour.fr/2010/TDF/COURSE/us/le_parcours.html [Overview Map]
Stages start (with links to other stages)
Also available via the Yahoo Portal

Bing Maps App -Tour De France 2010
Tour de France Bing Maps App
Bing Maps includes elevation gain, slope (-/+%) with an interactive profile chart linked to the map route of each stage.

The 2010 Tour de France map app:

This app is designed to help you visualise the overall race, the stages (stages tab + numbers) and how variables such as weather & elevation (elevation profiles) will impact each stage. Results will be updated along the way in the 'Results' tab.
Check the content in the 'Stages' and 'Results' tabs as you keep track of the greatest cycling race in the world.

Live Tracker of The Tour de France 2010 by Ubilabs
Ubilabs Tour de France Map 2010
This mapping site is consistent every year in providing live racing information on the race.
This year comes with twitter integration and facts and stats (when live racing is on).

Cycling News

Cycling News has produce a quick and easy map to all the stages using Google Maps API.

Found more Tour De France Maps - add a comment - look out for updates...

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At Friday, July 09, 2010 8:52:00 am, Anonymous Keith said...

Here's a link to .kml file of the route for viewing in Google Earth:



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