07 July 2010

Google Maps v3 New Map Mashups - July 2010

Google Maps v3 New Map Mashups - July 2010

Here are some of the newest v3 Google Maps

Spiggler.com Searches Twitter with your location.
Spiggler - Twitter Google v3 Map
Updates as you pan the v3 Google map nice integration with the twitter api.

Streetview Inside
http://weblab.ab-c.nl/streetview v3 google map

Location Search Tool for Twitter
Find Geo-Twitter comments via this v3 Twitter Location search Google Map

The Grand Canyon - v3
Maptiler Custom v3 - The Grand Canyon
Using USGS DRG tiles as a custom tiled Google Maps v3.

Game:Map of Ancaria
Map of Ancaria_v3 Google Maps
Very well illustrated Map of Ancaria [Sacred Game] - users can switch between this main map and dungeons custom map.

Missouri State Campus Map - Mobile
Missouri State University Campus v3 Mobile Map
Clean, Fast with campus overlay implemented in v3 for mobile users.

Don't forget that you can style your own map in v3 see the previous post.

Have you made your own v3 custom map like this? Add a comment and mapperz will post an update.

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At Wednesday, July 07, 2010 5:55:00 pm, Anonymous Arjan den Boer said...

We've made a mashup using Google Maps API V3's novel Steet View options.
Custom panoramic images are inserted in and linked to existing Street View imagery, in order to show church interiors:



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