21 July 2010

MapQuest Open (Beta) Using Open Street Map Data

MapQuest Open (Beta) Using Open Street Map Data

MapQuest Open Beta Open Street Map Data and Routes
MapQuest have over the past few months vastly improved the map user interface and are one of the first major mapping service to engage and encourage the use of Open Street Map Data with the new MapQuest Open mapping project.

"At the 4th annual international State of the Map 2010 conference, their plan to be the first major mapping site to embrace and encourage open source mapping at scale.  As part of this initiative, MapQuest just launched their first site that is completely powered by open source data from OpenStreetMap.org"

"This new project – open.mapquest.co.uk – was developed using the new MapQuest.com design but using data provided by the OpenStreetMap community.  The main difference between this new site and our existing MapQuest UK site is that the mapping and routing data was created, edited and enhanced by every day people like you.  OpenStreetMap was designed to give the local community the ability to update areas (roads, parks, hiking trails, bike paths, points of interest, etc) that they know in their own neighborhood and around the world, ultimately leading to what we believe will be the best and most accurate mapping experience for all.

AOL (owners of Mapquest) also announced a $1 million open-source mapping investment fund.  This fund will support the growth of open-source mapping in the United States in the local communities that Patch.com covers.  More information about the AOL grant application process is available by emailing osm@mapquest.com."

View the new Mapping Service - http://open.mapquest.co.uk/

More information - http://blog.mapquest.com/2010/07/09/mapquest-opens-up/
Well done to Mapquest for taking the challenge on and implementing a clean and easy to use mapping service.


Please give your feedback here http://mapquest.open-street-map.sgizmo.com/s3/

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At Thursday, July 22, 2010 1:08:00 pm, Anonymous steve said...

Odd, its missing half of the bridleways and footpaths that make the osm useful.


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