20 July 2010

StepMap - Create Free World Maps

StepMap - Create Free Personal World Maps

"StepMap is a free service, enabling you to create, edit and share individual and personalized maps. Also, it allows you to export your maps to any other web site. The term "map" includes all kinds of topics, themes and design option. StepMap offers you a free tool to create maps that represent your specific, personal requirements and design ideas."

Step Maps - Create Free World Maps - Step1
Create and customise your own world, regional or country map with this service.

Step Maps - Create Free World Maps - Step2
Change the style, add, symbols, images, media, text, metadata a comprehensive resource in creating very specific mapping for personal and commercial use.

Personal Commercial
Creating a Map using the Online-Editor FREE FREE
Presentation in the Map Directory FREE FREE
Save as private Map FREE FREE
Embedding the Map to another website FREE FREE
Additional web space for rich media FREE FREE
Adding to Google Search FREE FREE
Printing a Map FREE PAID

StepMap for Educational Purposes

The free of charge features that are listed for private users also apply for any educational purpose, e.g. schools, universities or research.

That means that teachers and students can use StepMap for free considering the general terms ad conditions.


Try creating your map

An example

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