27 July 2010

The UK SoundMap Beta - British Library

UK SoundMap starts with a pilot survey based on the Sheffield metropolitan area. The national survey will follow later in 2010. 
The UK SoundMap Beta - British Library

Make sure Location Services in Settings/General is switched on. Otherwise you can edit your recording on Audioboo FM and add a location by placing the microphone icon on the map at the place where you made the recording

How can I take part?

If you can make recordings in any location within the Sheffield area, please record your surroundings, describe them with tags and comments, then upload the recordings to our map. From there, a permanent public record of everyday sounds - the UK SoundMap - will be made accessible to everyone, while being stored at the British Library and made available to soundscape experts.

Want to add your sounds to the map then follow these steps;

  1. register with AudioBoo
  2. record & publish
  3. listen to soundscapes

Ways to record and publish

There are two ways. The easiest way is to use a smartphone. Alternatively you can use a web browser.

Listen to soundscapes

Once uploaded, your recordings will be found easily as locations on the soundmap and searchable by tags. Please allow 48 hours for your recordings to appear on UKSoundMap. You can meanwhile check your recordings right away on AudioBoo.fm

  • Just record your everyday surroundings.
  • What do your home, leisure and work environments sound like?

    • What sounds define these places and how do they make you feel? Some may be restful, some unpleasant - let us know why.
  • Does the sound of these places differ during the day?

    • What are the differences? Let us know what these sounds mean to you.
  • Where are the noisiest or quietest parts of your locality?

    • What makes it so noisy? What can be heard even when it's quiet?
  • Make as many recordings as you like at different locations and times.
  • Each recording may be up to 5 minutes long.


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