10 August 2010

MCZ Project Interactive Map

MCZ (Marine Conservation Zone) Project Interactive Map

MCZ Project Interactive Map
Find a huge amount of maritime information, this example shows bathmetry and ship wrecks along the coast of the SW England..

But this map project goes much further:

This project has been jointly funded by Defra, Natural England and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.
MCZ Project Interactive Map Marine Species
The map contains a huge resource of Marine and Coastal Zone data from Tide Wave Projects to reported Species of marine life surrounding the diverse waters of the United Kingdom.

What is the MCZ Project Interactive Map?

The Interactive Map is a web based Geographic Information System, which is essentially a way of displaying interactive maps online. The MCZ Project Interactive Map allows you to view maps of the United Kingdom and display additional relevant information above it, using layers selected from our marine spatial planning database. The tool also allows you add your own information to the map by drawing and labelling areas that you use or have information about. The MCZ Project Interactive Map is based around the Open Layers interface which is similar to Google Maps, and in many cases the controls will be exactly the same. This similarity will be become apparent as you start to use the tool.

We are using the Interactive Map to achieve two goals:

  1. To communicate the diversity and range of information that is being used by the MCZ Project. We hope that you find the investigation of the spatial data to be an interesting experience and that you discover more about the relationship between mankind and the coasts and seas of the United Kingdom.
  2. To collect information from commercial fishermen who are using the seas around England; however this may be extended to other stakeholder groups such as sea anglers and SCUBA divers. Using the Interactive Map, users can draw and label areas they use or places where they know certain species and habitats occur.
Map Help - and you can become and editor!

View the MCZ Project Interactive Map

This Map is another Open Street Map based project

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