16 August 2010

Open Layers Heatmaps

Open Layers Heatmaps

"Making Open Street Maps even hotter!"

Open Layers OSM Heatmap
A Great Mashup to show 'HeatMaps' using Open Layers and Open Street Map Features (OSM).
Select a number of OSM Features and create dynamic heatmaps from them.
Note: this is the 'inverted' heatmap view.

Credit to Felipe Barriga (http://blog.felipebarriga.cl/)

If you want to create your own HeatMaps the source code is available via OLHeatmap.

What is OLHeatmap ?

OpenLayers Heatmap is a group of hacks ( talented programmers) to render heat maps over OpenLayers. At this moment is very ugly and dirty but I have some ideas in mind to make this a more presentable project....

Why that name ?

OLHeatmap stands for OpenLayers Heatmap

Video Demo

Video via http://opengeodata.org/osm-heatmaps-in-the-browser-w-openlayers

Heat Map


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At Tuesday, April 05, 2011 10:48:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'd like to use olheatmap without internet connection.
I had setup a local osm server with postgis , mapnik, etc..
What is the best way to get features without xapi for the heatmap display?



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