22 March 2009

OpenStreetBrowser [View Maps & Metadata]

OpenStreetBrowser [View Maps & Metadata]

OpenStreetMap Browser - Metadata Viewer
OpenStreetBrowser allows anyone to view the information behind the tiles of OpenStreetMap.

Metadata - Information about data (including history)

Viewing Metadata - Oxford Street - London
Viewing metadata of Oxford Street - the useful information within.

"Openstreetmap (OSM) is growing and attracting more and more users contributing to the project (over 100,000 users now!). It's all about collecting and mapping geospatial data, which we submit to the database. But wait, to be honest: Without visualizing the data - without maps - openstreetmap is not much fun. For most new users the Slippy Map is the first map to see from openstreetmap. I believe, that many of us were motivated to become contributors because of this slippy map, because of the moments we wait our recently submitted information to pop up on Mapnik or Osmarender tiles. Although I love our slippy map, it just visualizes a tiny bit of information which is now available from our openstreetmap-database. So, when I first discovered the project Openstreetbrowser by users, I was thrilled: It's fun to use the Openstreetbrowser. The map looks great and I feel, that the authors made every effort and did a lot of thinking on details to create the Openstreetbrowser."
source: http://osmbonnblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/browsing-openstreetmap-v20.html

So now we have an Online Style Editor - CloudMade
We have the Online Editor - OpenStreetmap
Now we have the Online OpenStreetBrowser.
Can these merge to be come a 'one-stop' location for users?

**Note Data outside Europe is not currently available in OpenStreetBrowser - this may change in the future of this project.

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At Tuesday, February 16, 2010 5:09:00 pm, Anonymous Fan said...

I truely love the new Openstreetbrowser! It has incredible features, it's gonna kill google maps!


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