27 February 2009

Vector Magic - Raster to Vector - update

Vector Magic - Raster to Vector - update

"One of the best products out there that really does vectorize raster images to enable editing/scaling and just makes life easier in the cartographic world."

Vector Magic takes a raster image and recreates it in a vector format.
image sources: Vector Magic

The new version (26th Feb '09) v1.11 (pc) v1.14(mac) has a number of new features including:
  • Now export to AI (Adobe Illustrator), DXF (CAD) (in addition to EPS, SVG, and PDF)
  • On PC, export to Microsoft Office EMF format
  • More export options (group by colour, stroking mode)
  • More compatible EPS output
Get an order in by 6th March for the Desktop Version using the promotion code VMDE0306 before March 6th and get a $50 discount.

Mapperz has seen Vector Magic develop from Stanford University Artificial Intelligence research project into a fully commercial and viable product in less than 2 years. Well done to the creators in making and continuing to develop this excellent product.

Desktop Version

Online Version Available (less functionality)


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At Wednesday, June 17, 2009 6:42:00 am, Anonymous Meenu | Images to EPS said...

Vector magic is a great application i have worked on it. The features are too good.


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