26 February 2009

Yahoo Maps Update February 2009

Yahoo Maps Update February 2009

Yahoo Maps has had an update that seems to concentrate on localization
International Support is improved overall.

Yahoo Local Maps Language Switch Italian
Italian Maps Mode and Controls
Yahoo Local Maps Language Switch English
Yahoo make it far easier to change language, the page/map tiles do have to refresh in order to view the localised maps. Enlgish to Italian shown.

Yahoo Local Maps Language Spanish Mapas
Español Mapas, Maps for Rome Spanish Version.

Yahoo Local Maps Language French Canadian
French Canadian Maps available too.
  • Yahoo updates to US, US-Español, Canadian and Canadian French Mapping sites.
  • A language selector, easy selection from English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.
  • A miles/km selector, distances can be quickly changed.
  • Print page improvements
    • Drag/Pan/Zoom functionality for Print page maps.
    • Collapsible driving directions vertical to save space.
    • Driving Directions made wider and in a larger font.
    • Interactive map controls on the Print page. Useful for tweaking before printing.

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