21 March 2009

UK - Street View Plus

UK - Street View Plus

UK street view plus
View the new Street View images along with Birds Eye View in sync.

Use the Streetview window or Map - Car Icon is draggable - interactively updates your movement in each window.

Created with Map Channels Dual Maps - Free mapping tools for your website or blog.

Thinking: 1:50,000 - 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey Mapping pending Multimap 'Terms and Conditions'


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Developer note:
Bug: the svb (StreetView Bearing) is currently unavailable [users can still manually rotate the streetview images], Map Channels is informed and they are currently finishing another project but there is likely to be an update to this in the near future (plus enhancements)
please see:
Src Parameter Name: svb on this (at the bottom).

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