12 March 2009

UMapper Routing

UMapper Routing

The video shows all the new and clever functions of the New Routing system implemented by UMapper

"After weeks of development and some rigorous testing, the new *Routing Tool* is available in the UMapper map editor. The new tool makes it easier than ever draw complex, multi-point routes. In a matter of seconds you can map your walk or drive without manually tracing each step. Once a route is created, it can be unlocked for further editing."

One the back-end, UMapper are using the powerful MapQuest routing service which is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of the Western Europe. More geographies are coming soon.

Also there is a new plugin for wordpress bloggers wanting maps on their blogs

New version includes:
  • New provider added - Yahoo!
  • You can now import your feeds directly into map editor - acceptable formats are KML, GPX, GeoRSS
  • Link Data Feed
  • I18n support - currently work in progress (support for Russian language was added for beta)
  • WordPressMU is truly supported - just enter UMapper Integrator's Key as site admin and all your hosted blogs would be able to interact with UMapper.com - no other keys are required!
  • By popular request: custom map sizes are now available!
  • Ability to delete maps from within plugin w/o visiting UMapper site
  • Rewritten UI, should make map creation much more simple.

Supported map providers:

* Microsoft Virtual Earth
* Google Maps
* OpenStreetMap
* Yahoo!

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