02 April 2009

Google Maps Map Maker [Vector Data]

Google Maps Map Maker [Vector Data]

update: more screen shots and discussion on Map Maker vs OpenStreetMap data


Google are now allowing you to download the vector data (Kenya only so far) in either Keyhole Markup Language (KML) or in ESRI Shapefile format.

Google are now returning the favour of Map Makers who have contributed to Google Map Maker

The idea of Google using users to map areas of the World where the likes of TeleAtlas Data is limited or non existent has been rewarding to both Google (gaining mapping content) and NOW non-commercial-non-profit entities.

View Larger Map
Google Map Maker- Kenya Vector in ArcMap
Screenshot of the Vector Data in ArcMap - Same data as above just different style applied.

View this as a layered/attributed PDF [will request to download or view] -1mb


Mapperz had a speedy look at this.

and loaded the shapefiles into a Geodatabase (topology can be cleaned and edited in ArcMap).

Created a quick Cartographic Representation and did a very quick style.

The Result is quite different to the Google Maps Style of Mapping (on purpose). But the underlining data is the same.
(no editing was done to the downloaded data - only shapefile to file geodatabase was done.)

Future: Does this step on the toes to projects like OSM? yes and no - can see both working.
Analysis -
There are many aspects of this vector data that can be applied - buffering, spatial searches and geocoding for starters...

Google Map Maker Kenya Vector Data Styled reloaded into Google Earth
The Exported 'Styled' Data from ArcMap (MapDoc to KML export) in Google Earth
Note: There are better KML/KMZ exporters than the standard ArcMap one


(best loaded into Google Earth - file too big for Google Maps/API)

The Data is available after accepting the terms here

Thanks to Mano Marks via Twitter


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At Thursday, April 02, 2009 5:10:00 pm, Blogger mikel.maron said...

Some more reflections and analysis on MapMaker and OSM: http://brainoff.com/weblog/2009/04/01/1391

At Friday, April 03, 2009 8:42:00 am, Blogger Mapperz said...

Thanks Mikel, good post, added an update to the post with a hyperlinked url.



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