19 August 2010

Open Street Map Routing, Directions & Export

Open Street Map Routing, Directions & Export

OpenStreetMap (OSM) gets even more powerful with directions and routing tools.

Find, View and Export your custom directions

Designed Routes for:
  • Car
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Goods Vehicles
  • Public Service Vehicles (Buses)
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Pedestrian
  • Moped
OSM Powerful Route Finder
Simply have a start and end location - midpoints/waypoints can be included.

OSM Directions of Route
Directions 'explain' your routes, like a satnav would, turn by turn, includes all road names.

OSM Export Your Route
Export, a very useful component lets you export in GPS exchange format (.gpx) or waypoints (.wpt) format.

The map with route (above) example:


Click 'Recommended' to calculate the route.

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