26 August 2010

Map Channels - Location Maps

Map Channels - Location Maps
*Using Google Maps API v3

Location Maps are simple controls to display a map of a single location. Street View can optionally be shown with the map.

Location Maps use the
Google Maps v3 API and are provided free for commercial or non-commercial use.

No adverts are included in Location Maps. An 'embed' control links from the map to this page.

Control size, maptype, map controls, markers and more with the new Location Maps which utilizes the fast v3 of Google Maps API.

Technical Notes:

You may copy the embeddable Location Map HTML Page to your own website (change the url used within the embeddable HTML code).

• Location Maps use the new Google Maps v3 API. This is more compact so loads faster.
• No API Key is needed for the Google Maps v3 API.
• The Street View is displayed without using Flash so no browser plugins are required.
• The 'fullscreen view' option included with the v2 API is not available. To see a larger street view click on the Google logo to see the street view at maps.google.com.

Full API reference can be found here http://www.mapchannels.com/LocationMaps.aspx#api

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