20 August 2010

100 Million Google Mobile Map Users

100,000,000 Google Mobile Map Users

Almost five years ago, Google launched Google Maps for mobile to help you get where you needed to go from your phone instead of a paper map.

Today, more than 100 million people a month are now using Google Maps for mobile to get from point A to point B, find nearby places, and more.

Over the past 5 years, Google Maps for mobile has changed quite a bit they are adding more ways to help you explore the world around you. There is My Location, you can quickly find where you are on the map with or without GPS. You can put your friends on the map with Latitude. Navigation even turns your phone into a free internet-connected 'SatNav' with voice guidance and Street View imagery.

Google Maps Mobile History 5 Years
Google Maps Mobile - The 5 Year Journey of Advancing Map Updates.

Lately, has seen some changes especially focused on helping you find the right place at the right time. With recent additions such as Place Pages, you can now pick a nearby place by browsing information such as opening hours and review snippets for the places around you.
It’s easier than ever to find those places with Search by voice or the new Places icon on Android. With this latest Android version, happy to see that you’re now searching for places almost three times as often, doubling how many Place Pages are seen a day.

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At Friday, August 20, 2010 9:08:00 am, Anonymous Drew Kesler said...

Google Mobile Map is really a great tool. I am among its 100 million users. But competition is now tight as Facebook launched its own location service.


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