10 July 2008

ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API

Updated see red and blue below

ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API
"The ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API allows you to use your ArcGIS maps and tasks in the framework of Google Maps. There are many reasons to use this extension to expose your GIS data. Perhaps your audience already knows how to use Google Maps. Perhaps you're already familiar with the Google Maps API. Or maybe you just like the look and feel of the Google base maps."

Google Maps + Powerful GIS Analysis
ESRI GMAP API Directions with profile UK
Here is a Google Maps Direction Route - with the added profile of the route generated by ArcServer. (click image to see live example)

Here is another example of adding GIS capabilities to Google Maps.

ESRI Google Maps API DriveTime
Drive Time Polygons (1,2 & 3 minute driving time polygons) on the fly - overlaid on Google Maps. (click image to see live example)
Custom version http://mapperz.googlepages.com/DriveTime_ESRI_GMAP.html
(Drive Time only works in the US and Canada)

How is this geo-processing action created?

Create Drive Time Polygons - ArcGIS Model
Image source: http://globe5.arcwebservices.com/arcgisoutput/Network_ESRI_DriveTime_US/CreateDriveTimePolygonsDisks.htm

ArcGIS comes with Model Builder here geoprocessing functions Make Service Area Layer, Add Locations are just some of the core processing elements to create Drive Time Polygons.

This is the start of some serious and powerful tools that will and can be built on to 'enrich' the map user.
This provides them with detailed information that can be manipulated and customized to the users specifications on the fly.

Other possibilities at the Geo-Processing Service examples here
  • Display your own maps on top of a Google Maps base map.
  • Execute a sequence of GIS models and display the results in Google Maps.
  • Search for features in your GIS data and display the results on Google Maps.
  • Find addresses using your own address locator and display the result on Google Maps.
  • Display attributes from your GIS data on the map using the Google Chart API.
  • Allows others to add GIS functionality from your server as a Google Mapplet.
The future looks bright with GIS software companies taking on popular mapping API's

Please note there is an ArcGIS JavaScript™ Extension for Microsoft Virtual Earth™ version as well.

Reported by Google Map Mania from this Blog

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At Monday, July 14, 2008 11:19:00 pm, Blogger rafa. said...

I posted this on Google Maps Mania and they pointed me here. I keep seeing the drive time example and it just doesn't makes sense. It would be more appropriate to show drive times on the route itself rather than a polygon because it's misleading for non-road areas. Especially where it crosses water. Also, there are islands of drive time outside of the center point that is clicked. In other words, drive times should be greater from the point clicked but these islands mean that it takes 2 minutes to get to it, but once your in, it should only take a minute. Click around and you'll see what I mean. Am I interpreting this correctly?


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