07 January 2008

UK and Ireland Flight Maps (Google Earth)

UK and Ireland Flight Maps (Google Earth)

UK Flights from London Gatwick - Click for Animation

Created by http://www.barnabu.co.uk/
KML file available:

"The Placemark balloons include information about airlines and destinations.
Labels follow Wikipedia’s convention of using place names rather than real airport names.
Routes are displayed with exaggerated altitude. "

"One downside of Google Earth’s highlight mode is it doesn’t stay switched on a after a mouse click. However, there are a few navigation tricks that allow you to keep routes displayed and move around."

  • Click the middle mouse button on an airport icon, and hold it down while moving the the mouse.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over an icon, then switch to keyboard control (cursor keys, shift + cursor keys, Page up/down, + key, - key, etc…).
  • Click on an airport icon, quickly drag it and let go. Just as you would to set the Earth rotating.

Data source:
"The source data for all this is scraped from the Airport pages on Wikipedia, and compiled using a lot of Perl scripting to scrape, mash and meld it into KML. Obviously its never going to be 100% reliable, but at least it should be pretty easy to keep the file regularly updated, and expand to other parts of the world."

Nice use of Wikipages and Google Earth.

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