25 August 2010

ArcGIS Explorer (Build 1500) Released

ArcGIS Explorer (Build 1500) Released

ArcGIS Explorer Build 1500 Released

View OpenStreetMap in 3D (2d is default) via basemaps
ArcGIS Explorer Build Open Street Map in 3D

ArcGIS Explorer Build import your data
Import your .shp, .kml, .gpx, .txt, .csv or even File Geodatabases!

"KML improved; KML handling has been improved in both 2D and 3D mode, and regionated KML is now supported in 2D mode. KML interoperability has also been enhanced; notes can be shared (exported) as KML and KML can be shared (exported) as layer packages or converted to notes. The KML file association can be set to ArcGIS Explorer.

Symbols (more); ArcGIS Explorer symbols have been updated to improve appearance in 2D and 3D modes. Symbol management tools have been enhanced with improved support for custom (user) symbols."

Buffering a point by 100km is possible via Analysis

ArcGIS Explorer Presentation Slide
Create driving directions, add slide (like screen grabs) to presentation - playback is full screen and glides to various screen grabs.

ArcGIS Explorer features new capabilities that enhance interoperability with the ArcGIS system and KML. These features include:

ArcGIS Online integration
Support for ArcGIS Explorer Online maps, including presentations and notes
Share (export) to layer package or KML
Create notes from features
Create notes from KML
Add data directly from Excel spreadsheets

Download here [98.4mb]:
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