01 April 2010

Download Ordnance Survey Data

Download Ordnance Survey Data

updated (servers now active & running!)

Pretty Postcodes
Code-Point Open

Codepoint Open - OSM Rendered

(development - may change at anytime)

Problems downloading on the OS OpenData site?
Alternative site: http://parlvid.mysociety.org:81/os/
Donate if you can (thanks)

now includes:
Code-Point Open
  • NationalGrid ↔ WGS84: AGPL Perl code, GPL PHP code
  • CSV headers: Postcode, Quality, PO box indicator, Delivery points stuff x 7, Easting, Northing, Country, NHS region, NHS health authority, County, District, Ward, Postcode.
  • WGS84 edition – with latitude and longitude instead of National Grid, and empty columns removed (so CSV headers are: Postcode, Quality, Latitude, Longitude, Country, NHS region, NHS health authority, County, District, Ward).
:) thanks @jonobennett

OS Meridian2 xml_rendered in OSM Mapnik
Fast implementation above Meridian2 rendered in OSM Mapnik

Another mashup using the OS 50k Gazetteer
A Tour of the OS 50k Gazetteer Linked Data

Ordnance Survey Open Data

Ordnance Survey Open Data Download

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At Thursday, April 01, 2010 11:28:00 am, Blogger Andrew Zolnai Blog said...

from uk-government-data-developers@googlegroups.com thread on same:
“… Shame the line on derived data is still a little blurry, so local authorities can’t release geographical data for free reuse yet, …”

and for postcodes it’s CodePoint:
“It’s a centre point for every postcode I believe. No polygons.”


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