18 May 2009

+30 Top Mapping Blogs (Mapperz=7th?)

+30 Top Mapping Blogs">+30 Top Mapping Blogs (Mapperz=7th?)

Another debatable chart to comment on:

(All these blogs should be number 1.)

According to

"Selling the world parcel-wise on Google Maps and being an officially featured project on Google code, we closely follow new developments in the rapidly expanding market of Maps Mashups and the use of digital maps in general. Fortunately, there is a number of great blogs focussing on mapping issues. We would like to share our list of what we consider the top blogs on maps. The top ranking is in accordance with the number of google reader feed subscribers (shown in brackets) at the point of writing this post."

  1. StrangeMaps (13.576) - taking a humerous approach to map depictions - recommended: WW II - if maps could fight
  2. Google LatLong (5.350) - official blog edited by the Google Maps and Google Earth team - recommended: Whale Spotting on Google Earth
  3. Google Earth Blog (3631) - unofficial blog on everything Google Earth - recommended : 3 D Buildings Layer Update
  4. Ogle Earth (3448) - on how Google Earth and related products affect geopolitics - recommended: Exploring Shanghai’s recent geographic history
  5. Google Maps Mania (2915) - mostly edited by GMaps developer Keir Clarke focussing on maps mashups - recommended: Big Art Project on Google Maps
  6. The Map Room (2678) - map blog targeting wider audience - recommended: Is GPS accuracy at risk?
  7. *Mapperz (2131 >2,145 now) - introduces new digital maps - recommended: Africa in Open Street Map, lots of miles * (Still debatable on this - Mapperz)
  8. Spatially Adjusted (2067) - fairly technical GIS blog by professional James Fee - recommended: Licensing issues on the Geoweb
  9. Google Geo Developers (1924) - official blog - recommended: Solution to too many markers problem
  10. AllPointsBlog (1.290) - professional and high-frequency source on location technology. Recommended: Did Navteq really launch a rival to Google Maps?

  11. Free Geography Tools (951) - recommended: Google Maps Route Creation with NetKvik
  12. Virtual Earth (837) - An Evangelist’s Blog - recommended: MSN City Guides Relaunches
  13. GISLounge (656) - GIS information portal - recommended: Finding Bin Laden
  14. Very Spatial (565) - recommended: Digital Cities Concept
  15. Thematic Mapping (379) - focus on maps and economic/political development issues - recommended: Using KML at Thematic Mapping
  16. Programmable Web (34) -tremendous resource and catalogue of API-based mashups - recommended: WhatsYourPlace
  17. The Map Scroll (284) - nontechnological maps-blog - recommended: Taliban Influence in Pakistan
  18. Digital Earth (262) - personal blog focussing mostly on new developments in Microsoft’s and Google’s digital maps products - recommended Google Earth Imagery Update May
  19. Paul Ramsey’s GeoTips (259) - Founding Member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation - recommended: Web Mapping Architecture at OpenGEO
  20. GeoThought (211) - blog on location technology by industry expert Peter Betty - recommended: The GeoSpatial Technology Revolution (Keynote)
  21. The Electoral Map (207) - focussing on the “intersection between politics and geography” - recommended: 2008 in political geography
  22. ManDown (176) - technical perspective on GIS, ESRI in particular - recommended: arcGIS Mobile 9.4 - Whats next?
  23. CartoTalk (122) - more a forum than a blog, but great place to follow qualified geo-discussions
  24. WebMapper (211) - focussing on the latest trends in location based services - recommended: UK Crime Maps scrutinized
  25. Spatiallaw (102) - low-frequency blog focussing on intersection of legal issues and spatial technologies - recommended: Why Spatial Law?
  26. What is Special About Geospatial (67) - Geo-student blogging about the geoweb - recommended: introduction of Pixelcase, where Photography meets Geoinformation
  27. Google Maps Gone Wild (60) - Examples about things one can do with Google Maps - recommended: recursive queries in Google Maps
  28. Mibazaar (57) - introduces practical Google Maps Mashups - Swine Flu Tweets on Google Maps
  29. atlas(t) (52) - recommended: Shoe Map
  30. WhatsYourPlace (19) - Google Maps Mashup Selling the World - recommended: Obamas Road to Presidency
  31. Geo2Web (16) - GIS technology blog - recommended: Mapping the Death Penalty
  32. Maps and Earth (4) - recommended: Find Custom Maps

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At Monday, May 18, 2009 12:45:00 pm, Blogger The QuoVadis Live! Development Team said...

Really nice list of mapping blogs. Thanks for sharing.

At Monday, May 18, 2009 10:02:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea, but I wonder about whether the Google Reader numbers are representative of the actual readership. For example, the Google Earth Blog is listed as having 3631 Google Reader subscribers; the Feedburner stats for today show 16423, or roughly a factor of 4 larger. Other sites show fairly large discrepancies as well.

At Friday, May 22, 2009 1:50:00 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Slashgeo.org has over 2,000 subscribers via Google Reader and isn't on the list...

At Monday, June 15, 2009 12:25:00 pm, Anonymous Variable Annuity said...

Updates and announcements are good!!!


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