29 April 2009

A to Z London 1930's Map Online [Slippy Map]

A to Z London 1930's Map Online [Slippy Map]

A to Z London 1930s
A to Z have put the original 'A to Z' 1930's London Map online using Openlayers and Mapserver

"Discover the streets of a bygone age with a nostalgic look back in time at this early edition of the famous London A-Z."

View an extract taken from the 1930's London map

"The original printing of this paperback street atlas before the Second World War was in black only; however, this facsimile reproduction has been printed in colours which simulate the current condition after its ageing over many years."

"Geographers' Map Company was founded in 1936 by Phyllis Pearsall MBE (1906-1996) who, encouraged by her father Alexander Gross, took on the ambitious task of publishing up-to-date street mapping of London. This Historical Edition is a facsimile reproduction of one of her first publications featuring the now renowned A to Z logo on the front cover."

London Street Atlas - Historical Edition is available in paper form

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At Wednesday, April 29, 2009 2:37:00 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

hi nice blog got here as im trying to figure out how to get a map with a search bar (Trying to add a map with a google adsense searchbar to a new blog but having problems figuring out how to do it) onto a blog page, you have a great little search map right beside this post did you make that yourself or did you get it somewhere on google. if you dont mind visiting my blog and leaving a comment about it i would be most grateful.

At Wednesday, April 29, 2009 5:59:00 pm, Anonymous GeoWebGuru.com said...

Of course most of the streets are still the same! There are some fairly obvious changes along the river: eg. the Millennium Bridge and HMS Belfast are both absent. Other changes can be seen in changes in railway infrastructure - eg. the yards on the approaches to Marylebone. No doubt office blocks have also made some changes.

As for technology: an effective use of MapServer and OpenLayers, although this map excerpt is hardly taxing either package. OpenLayers is only being used for slippy/AJAX maps - the main multi-layered feature is not being used at all. Other historic maps (eg. a historic tube map) could be added, although that would be more for historical interest and I doubt A-Z publicity would benefit much!

At Thursday, April 30, 2009 11:46:00 am, Blogger Mapperz said...

John, I think you are looking for
This Wizard creates a Custom Search for your site:.

As for the Google Bar on a Map
(Credit to Mike Williams)


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