23 January 2009

Interactive Google Maps API - Playground - New!

Interactive Google Maps API - Playground - New!

Confused by code? Want to see how the pieces of code fit together to create Google Maps API mashups? Interactive fully editable code and then click Run to see the result.

Interactive Google Maps API Playground

Code Menu button allows the user to save the source
Export creates an id and uses the 'http://savedbythegoog.appspot.com' (Google App Engine) to make a page live, login and and this is saved in a 'Saved Code' Menu

Custom Saved AJAX Playground
Saved Code [requires login]

Here is an excellent new section to the Google Maps API Documentation http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/reference.html Code Samples > Code Playground - New!

Hopefully this inspires more developers and people interested in creating their own maps based on Google Maps. This new interactive page gives users a jump start in the right direction.

Virtual Earth has had an Interactive SDK page for quite a while now available at:

(not editable code unless copy and paste into an editor (notepad or dreamweaver etc))

The Google Interactive Playground is now also available for:

Visualization API (includes Chart API)
Search API
Language API (Translate)
Blogger Data API
Libraries API
Earth API
Feeds API
Calendar Data API


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