25 October 2008

New BBC Weather Maps (Beta v1.0)

New BBC Weather Maps (Beta v1.0)

New BBC Weather Beta Maps
The BBC are looking into revamping thier current weather service for 2009.
The are currently looking into adding more interactive features the visual weather portal.

New Features: *subject to feedback and beta status.
A 'one-stop shop' (no need to wait for another page to load)
Better Navigation to Maps in the users 'area of interest'
Flash based maps - animation is smoother and faster [tested with Flash Player 10]
More updates from the Met Office = Better accuaracy and currency of weather.
More localised weather particularly in the United Kingdom.

New BBC Weather Beta - North America Pressure Maps
Maps are now embedded in Flash - faster loading and smoother animations.

BBC Weather is now location based vs the old version by type of forecast.

"all forecast information is now organised by location rather than by type of forecast it might look like there is less information on the site."

More to be added in later beta versions
"The map presenter will also be more interactive and you will be able to view maps for surrounding areas without leaving the page. Later in 2008 we will be adding embedded video forecasts."

"We are currently sourcing forecast temperatures for coastal waters and will add these to the site when they are ready."

Try the BBC Beta Weather Maps
Click to See BBC Weather Beta Maps
(click the image to view)

Please review the site and request new features like - georss, archive weather maps by date, 3D option, transparent overlays (cloud+radar etc) are just a few as examples.
maybe rainfall charts, wind factor, chill factor...

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