13 August 2008

Google Maps API - Walking Directions

update - from The Google Maps API Team

"This is the testing version of the Maps API JS, is not meant for production, and is liable to change at any time. Only use it for your personal experiments, and don't be surprised if it breaks later."

Google Maps API - Walking Directions
Google Maps API Walking Directions New
Previously only 'Walking Directions' was available in Google Maps - Now available to be customised in the Google Maps API.

Try Mapperz version

Thanks to Mike Williams with his useful and informative posts (usually with an example or two) on the Google Maps API Group with Version changes to the API. Walking Directions is made available in version *v2.124.

*Warning v2.124 is still subject to change.


v2.124 adds walking and avoid highways routing to the API.

The new GDirectionsOptions are:

The defaults are

Example: http://econym2.googlepages.com/temp_walk.htm

Note: API v2.124 is not yet live. It's possible that the code may be
changed before it goes live.

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