24 July 2008

StreetCities.com - Embed StreetView with Ease

StreetCities.com - Embed StreetView with Ease

"The Street/Map control lets users easily embed a street view into any website and switch between street view and the map."

  • Display a Street View and Map in one compact control
  • Easy to customize and embed in any webpage
  • Display the current street view title and co-ordinates
  • Supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera
  • Use URL parameters to modify the control appearance
  • API and source code available under Apache License for custom projects

Street Cities - Free Mapping and Street View Tools

Need to customise this?
Then http://www.streetcities.com/StreetMapAPI.aspx is your location.
Well done to Map Channels for this easy to use site.

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