31 July 2008

Yahoo! Zimbra Maps - New! & Updated Yahoo! Local API

Yahoo! Zimbra Maps - New!

"Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop is the next-generation email application"

Easily set up Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail Plus, AOL and Gmail email accounts with the Account Wizard

Web mash-ups

  • View addresses as Yahoo! Maps
  • Automatically detect your location and find points of interest with Yahoo! Local
  • Preview web pages at thumbnails instead of opening a browser
  • See your calendar schedule from within an email message if you hover over a date
  • Web Search powered by Yahoo! is built directly into Zimbra Desktop
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Updated Yahoo! Local API
Other Yahoo Local News is that Version 3 of the Local API has been released.
One new feature is the ability to find locations along a route
Here is an example XML output
For this map and nearest pizza restaurants
"We are releasing a new version of the Yahoo! Local API (V3), that gives developers a key new feature – the ability to search for convenient points of interest for a given user defined route. For example, as you are driving from San Francisco to Sacramento, you could search for a Starbucks or for a hardware store."

The RESTful API now includes a “route” parameter that is a series of latitude/longitude coordinates, with the first pair of coordinates as the starting point and the last pair of coordinates as the ending point. A string sent as the route paramater would be structured as follows:

lat1 long1,lat2 long2,...,latn longn

The API returns XML, JSON, or serialized PHP"

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