01 August 2008

ESRI Geoprocessing Center Now Open

ESRI Geoprocessing Center Now Open

ESRI Geoprocessing Center Now Open
Finally ESRI have opened up the 'Geoprocessing Center' for all, users can upload and share geoprocessing models and scripts.

There are 4 parts to the Geoproccessing Center:

Geoprocessing Blog - News and Posts

Models and Scripts Gallery - Where users can upload/download and share.ESRI Geoprocessing Center Models & Scripts

Forums - Discussions on Geoprocessing Models

Knowledge Base - Technical Articles

Not much content currently but in the coming months hopefully will be as popular as the Arcscripts portal has been for many years.

Please read these important guidelines if you wish to upload a model or script to the Geoprocessing Center - the more people share the more everyone will get out of this.
or direct link to the Guidelines for submitting Model and Script Tools [PDF]

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