08 January 2008

Yahoo! Go 3.0 (Beta) with Maps

Yahoo! Go 3.0 (Beta) with Maps

Yahoo Go 3.0 Beta

Yahoo! Go 3.0 services:

  • oneSearch
  • Yahoo! Calendar
  • Yahoo! Address Book
  • Yahoo! Local
  • Yahoo! Maps
  • Yahoo! News
  • Yahoo! Sports
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Yahoo! Entertainment
  • Yahoo! Weather
  • Flickr
  • Yahoo! Mail

"Yahoo! Go 3.0 connects your device to these Yahoo! services in real time. You can manage your contacts on the device and changes are synchronized with your Yahoo! account. The application uses widgets to display information from your Yahoo! services. Download provides a basic set of Yahoo! Go 3.0"

Yahoo Go 3.0 Map Search

Local & Maps searches for and provides information and images specific to a location or business. The results of the search show up on the display as a

map with pinpoint links to a list of items including:
  • web sites
  • mobile-friendly web sites
  • businesses with addresses, telephone numbers, driving directions, maps, and ratings and reviews

Results will vary based on what you search for and the location set. Local & Maps remembers the last location mapped so that you can get the information again immediately.

Other ways to get information relevant to a location are listed at the Local & Maps position of the carousel:

  • Map View for the location at the top of the display
  • City guide about places to eat, drink, stay, visit, shop and more
  • Find nearby... with lists of categorized goods and services
  • Driving directions for turn-by-turn instructions for getting from A to B
  • Traffic Watch where you can check traffic incidents for your location and for special routes you define.

*Local & Maps is only available in versions for the United States of America currently.

If your device has GPS, you can use it with Local & Maps.

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(opening 9am PST/5pm GMT 08/01/2008)

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