06 August 2007

Major Infrastructure Development Map

Major Infrastructure Developments Map (UK)

The Map that shows the location of proposed major infrastructure developments (such as airports, tidal barrages, and nuclear power sites) that may be built following a proposed change to UK planning law.

"Good planning is essential for sustainable development and environmental protection. A coalition of the UK 's main environmental, conservation and civic organisations with currently over 5 million members came together out of a deep concern over many of the recommendations of the Barker Review of Land Use Planning. Having now been incorporated into the Government’s Planning White Paper, these recommendations would - if implemented in its current form - be a backwards step for the planning system"

Planning Disaster Map UK
Nice and clear icons show the user exactly what is going where.
Click on the icons to reveal more information about the planned development/re-development of sites.
See the Map

Other parties involved

Campaign to Protect Rural England Friends of the Earth The Wildlife Trusts The Ramblers RSPB Transport 2000 New Economics Foundation The Woodland Trust

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