31 July 2007

Sponsored Links - Google Ads on Maps

Google Maps API on Version 2.85 of the API now integrates Adsense and the mapping together

Google Maps API sponsored links(ads) on a map
though you will have to pan to the USA to get a sponsored link box
(Mapperz waiting for the UK to come active, have tried different text , vets, plumbers, doctors etc)
If you find a sponsored link in the rest of the world, post a comment

the code to add ads is
var adsManager = new GAdsManager(map, "Your AdSense ID");

*remember you don't have to

No Official Post on this yet, and still very beta. Mapperz tries to do a UK based version but either no sponsored 'paid' links or is refined to USA only so far. There is not a lot of code or details how and when ads appear.
There have been a few suggestions on the Google Maps API group.

Here is Pamela Fox full text example then to Mapperz tinkering version...

It's seems to be based on the text associated with the page, which is okay, though prefer the AJAX Search ads method based on the users search.

A great potential to get your maps making money while you sleep!

Previous post on adsense in AJAX local search

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At Tuesday, August 07, 2007 4:07:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for the tip!!!


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