30 August 2010

Embed MapQuest - New

Embed MapQuest - New
You can now add MapQuest maps to your blog or website.

How to do this:
Enter the location into New.MapQuest.com
Click the “Send To” button, then the “Your Website” tab
Copy and paste the code to your site.

"The MapQuest specific HTML code is written for you and all you need to do is add that text to your HTML source on your web page. This is useful for businesses, bloggers, or even hobbyists building your own website. Imagine making it easier for your customers to see where you are, and with a click or two, they can get directions directly to your location. This allows you to add maps instead of just links! This works for single locations, as well as routes. More advanced features for Embedded maps will be coming soon as we continue our fast, iterative feature releases."

Also includes the ability to pick your language, search and re-arrange saved locations within your ‘My Maps’ collections and more in-line help. We have also updated the ‘Send to’ feature to now support Garmin GPS devices and added the Embedded Maps option.


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At Sunday, October 10, 2010 11:26:00 pm, Anonymous Andrew said...

This looks great. But how do you embed the map for just one location? I don't want anything else to show up and I'd like it to be able to display the address when you hover like the old Mapquest did. Is there a way?

At Tuesday, June 26, 2012 3:06:00 pm, Blogger Kelly Jones said...

Awesome post.Here’s a tool that helps create Map Mashup providing a step-by-step wizard that generates ready-to-deploy code on any website or blog http://blog.caspio.com/integration/announcing-the-new-and-improved-map-mashup-version-7/


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