21 November 2006

Mapperz requests Testers for UK Geocoding

Since the hot topic. UK Addresses -Geocoded via Google Maps API
and then our hopes dashed. Mapperz has done some research and development into Geocoding UK Addresses for Free.

(A bold claim, as due to 'contractual reasons' it cannot be done in the UK, as the USA & Canada can with the Google Maps API)

Official source
Unofficial source

Well it is here:
UK Address Geocoder Alpha - 10 Downing Street - Zoomed OutUK Address Geocoder Alpha - 221B Baker Street - Zoomed InUK Address Geocoder Alpha - 12 College Road - Zoomed InAddress Geocoder Alpha - 30 Royal Avenue,Belfast - Zoomed In

What we are after are people willing to test the accuarcy of this service. It is not 100% accurate (more 93%) but for free it is worth it.
email mapperz@gmail.com [Subject: UK Geocoder Tester Request]
Invites will be sent out: Starting with 10 (5 reserved), 15 then 25 users.
Needed are developers, coders, de-buggers, and normal web users.

Please say why you would like to test it.

This is using resources already available on the web. Just previewing and getting permisson to request information across domains and check this does not break any terms.

Anyone interested in the code please contact mapperz@gmail.com [Subject: Code Request Please]

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