17 November 2006

News has Location - Headline Map

Google Maps Mania posts are filled with the lastest google maps mashups.
Headline Map is one that stands out...

Headline Map

Rich in multiple data sources cross referenced with location. This provides the user with World Headlines, Continental, Regional and Country News. This site is clean and responsive to the user. Users can submit feeds into this site. Mapperz gives this the thumbs up.
Well Done Headline Map.

Headline Map gives its credit to:
  • Google, for providing the amazing Google Map API
  • Topix.net, for providing granularity to this site due to their vast coverage
  • Flickr, for providing the pics of each location

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At Monday, November 20, 2006 10:10:00 am, Blogger Johnnie said...

Would be better if the Flickr integration was based on geotagged images, rather than word association (Leicester pulls up images of Leicester Square for example)


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