14 November 2006

Create a Google Map in Minutes

A new mapping website that helps the non-coder create a web map with points of interest (POI).
Aardvark Map will help you create a Google Map in easy 3 Steps

Aardvark Map Examples

Step 1
Zoom in to the required part of the world:
  • Regional Quicklinks allows you to jump to regions and countries quickly.
  • To centre the map, double click on it (very handy before zooming).
  • Zooming is done using the zoom ladder on the left or the +/- signs on the top/bottom.

  • Optionally plot your own marker icons on the map:
  • Zoom in fairly close then click once on the map to add the marker.
  • Zoom in closer and drag the marker to the appropriate point.

Step 2
Allows you to automatically add extra icons to the maps

Along with your own custom icons placed in step 1, Aardvark Map gives you the option to automatically add other content onto your map from our partner sites. If you don't want any of this extra content, skip to step 3.

To add the content overlays, simply select select the appropriate checkboxes below.

Step 3
Saves the map and provides you with the unique map code:
Once any custom points and content overlays have been added, you can generate the map code.

It's that easy even Mapperz can do it.
Aardvark Mapperz Map

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