07 November 2006

Skyline Globe - Another 3D Earth App

has quietly released TerraExplorer
The desktop version is a small download - smaller than google earth.

Skyline Globe 3D - Sydney Opera House
  • Smooth, interactive flight over streaming 3D terrains and urban environments
  • Large database of imagery, streets, 3D textured buildings and information layers
  • Fly to any address in the US , get driving directions and search for businesses
  • Add and create content, build photo albums, chat and collaborate with friends.
  • Show live video on terrain, trace GPS feeds and measure distances and areas.
There is a web version of this and does require the user to install activex applets and dll's.
Once these are installed you get a web browser.

Skyline Globe 3D - Grand Canyon
Web version has more content and more features.

For buisness that don't need a GIS the SkylineGlobe Pro
is a good lightweight application, where buisnesses can add their own content and perform simple spatial analysis of there data.

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